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By GeniusDex on Sunday 15 March 2009 19:49 - Comments (2)
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In an attempt to get more active with my blog (again...) i moved my blog to, the blogging services for premium members of the Dutch techsite I will probably abandon my old homepage for the time being, but might look into putting the content from this blog into there.

So for now you can (hopefully) follow my ramblings here. If i fall silent again, i will one day probably post another thing.

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By Tweakers user HendrikN, Sunday 15 March 2009 20:05

And it came from... ?

By Tweakers user GeniusDex, Sunday 15 March 2009 20:25

I used to put the blog posts on my site The php code I wrote for it is a bit lacking for what I want and I don't feel like fixing that all up. I will look into adjusting the look of this blog to match that of my site when i feel like putting the time into it.

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